After Republic of Indonesia declared its independence, Indonesia freedom fighters shift their role towards development to fill in the independence which was proclaimed on August 17th 1945. On December 15th 1958 in Yogayakarta, Akademi Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" was established with four majors: (a) Company Management (b) Agricultural (c) Chemical Engineering (d) Geology Mining.

This Academy then expanded into creating a University of Pembangunan Nasional Veteran with six faculties: a) Faculty of Geological Engineering (b) Faculty of Petroleum (c) Faculty of Mining (d) faculty of Chemical Engineering (e) Faculty of Agricultural and (f) Faculty of Economics.

The development of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta was started with the establishment of three academies, namely Banking Academy, Textile Academy, and Management of Shipping Commerce Yos Sudarso which legally recognized under Lembaga Pembinaan Kader  Pembangunan (LPKP) and legitimated to notarial deed by notary R. Kardiman No. 14 dated 7 January 1963.

Based on Ministerial Decree of Veteran Affairs and Demobilization of The Republic of Indonesia Number 09/Kpts/Menved/1967, dated 21 February 1967, these three academics was integrated to PTPN Veteran with PTPN Veteran Jakarta.

Pursuant to Decree of Ministry of Defense and Security Number Skep/1555/1977 dated November 30th 1977 PTPN “Veteran” Jakarta officially changed its name to Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) "Veteran" Cabang Jakarta

Over the years, UPN “Veteran” Cabang Jakarta managed to add more academy majors in which are in 1980 computer engineering and information program and in 1987 pursuant to Decree of Ministry of Defense and Security, Accounting Academy and Veteran Engineering Academy were integrated into Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Cabang Jakarta including six other academies, namely: Banking Academy, “Veteran” Accounting Academy, Textile Academy, Maritime (Ship Building Engineering) Academy, Veteran Engineering Academy, and computer engineering and information program.

UPN “Veteran” Cabang Jakarta became a fully independent university from Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogayakarta pursuant Decree of Ministry of Defense and Security Number: Kep/01/II/1993 dated 27 February 1993 with three faculties and both Bachelor degree (S-1) and associate degree (D-III) programs.

In addition, pursuant to Decree of Ministry of Defense and Security  Number : Kep/03/II/1993, dated February 27th 1993 UPN “Veteran” Jakarta is under the authority and responsibility of Yayasan Kejuangan Panglima Besar Sudirman (YKPBS) and its education technical operational is under the Directorate General of Higher Education of Education and Culture Department c/q Kopertis Wilayah III and Health Department.

In order to increase the level in community service of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jakarta through link and match, pursuant to Decree of Ministry of Education and Culture together with Ministry of Defense and Security Number : 0307/0/1994 – Kep/10/XI/1994 dated 29 November 1994 stated the status of UPN “Veteran” Jakarta shifted from Higher Education of Official Service to Private Higher Education with five faculties programs aside of its three academies which in phasing-out.

Pursuant to Decree of Ministry of Education and Cullture Number Kep./017.018.019/D/0/1995 all associate degree (D-III) programs will be getting EQUAL” status while the bachelor (S-1) programs will be getting “REGISTERED” status.

Furthermore, UPN “Veteran” Jakartahas become a university under the Security Defense Department and pursuant to Decree of Ministry of Defense and Security Number : Kep/62/III/1999, whereas its education operational conforms to provisions of the legislation which are in force in the Education and Culture Department and Health Department.

In 1999, UPN “Veteran” Jakarta submitted its University programs accreditation to the BAN-PT due to Decree of Ministry of Education and Culture dated 15 December 1994 concerning quality control and efficiency of tertiary institutions is carried out by BAN-PT. In the year of 2000, after several desk-evaluation of acreditation forms and self-evaluation of the study programs as well as visitation from BAN-PT, now each one of study programs in UPN “Veteran” Jakarta have managed to obtain acreditation from the BAN-PT. In October 6th 2014, UPN “Veteran” Jakarta has become a Public University based on President Decree number : 120.


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