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The Catholic Student Family of the UPN “Veteran” Jakarta is an organization based on spirituality, specifically Catholic spirituality. CSF was born on September 8, 1993. Since it was first established, CSF has been a forum for Catholic students to carry out activities, either general activities or Catholic spiritual activities together with fellow Catholic students.


To build Catholic Students that manifest their faith in Jesus Christ, build a fellowship, and involved in loving service within the university society and non-university society.


To create catholic students become a better person, especially in faith, fellowship, and love service.
To create an inclusive system inside the organization, where every students know one another and serve with generosity.


  1. Catholic students grow with knowledge and gratefulness of the Catholic Faith, with proper and decent teachings and traditions.
  2. Catholic students become complete human beings, as like become a mature individual, in terms of mind set, characters, emotions, and human skills that could support their lives.
  3. Catholic students that able to fend the fellowship, among the students, the community of faithful and the society.
  4. Catholic students are able to grow and develop to become the witnesses of love and witnesses of brotherhood, among students, the community of the faithful and the society.
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