Martial arts is flourishing in the last few years and will continue to grow due to more Dojos starting martial art classes. One of them is Ju-Jitsu, this martial art has its own uniqueness. At UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, Ju-Jitsu became a Student Activity Unit, it was founded in 1992, to be precise on 19 December 1992, founded by Toni Hariyanto from the Faculty of Naval Architecture. Solidarity and loyalty are instilled in the member’s soul so that Ju-Jitsu can survive until today.


  1. DKI Jakarta Provincial Youth and Sports Trophy as the General Champion at the UPN "Veteran" Student Level in Jakarta
  2. 3rd place in Class D Women at UNESA OPEN IV SURABAYA
  3. 3rd place in Class F Men at INDONESIA JU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP 2012
  4. 3rd place in Class F Women at UNESA OPEN VIII SURABAYA




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