Theatre Hijau Lima Satu (THLS) is an institution that is engaged in the arts field, especially theater. Theatre is performance, theatre is treatment, theater is process, and theatre is life. Starting from this illustration, THLS has a strong motivation about the input and output of a person doing theatre, not to become a "movie star" as the main goal but to be real of himself, a critical and responsible human being. A student on theatre have the role to be a good student in all aspects of life. THLS was established on 22 January 1994 pursuant to Rector Decree Number 019/III/1995.



  1. The two human faces are symbolizing the diversity of human nature and behavior.
  2. Number 51 is the house number where the Theatre Hijau Lima Satu was formed.
  3. The green color symbolizes the color of the alma mater UPN “Veteran” Jakarta.
  4. Ribbon strands symbolize brotherhood bonds.
  5. Words and silver lining
    1. Reflects that every activities on THLS have boundaries that has been set
    2. Reflects the ray of life

The characteristics of Theatre Hijau Lima Satu should have are democracy, kinship, and openness. Meanwhile, the aims and objectives of Theatre Hijau Lima Satu are actively helping members in developing their activities, as well as a place to guide student’s creativity and a fostering forum in increasing human resources who have an interest and concern for arts and culture, especially theater.



























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