FISIP UPNVJ Signs MoU with STI, Prepares to Establish Undergraduate Film, TV & Media Study Program



UPNVJ Public Relations - WhatsApp_Image_2023-12-06_at_12.53.29.jpeg The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UPN "Veteran" Jakarta held a course mapping event and curriculum structure with the Indonesian Television Directors Association (STI) in the Lab. FISIP Diplomacy (4/12/2023). Present as speakers, Agung Cahyono as Chair of STI, and a number of important figures in the Indonesian television industry, Adek Azhar Senior Program Director who has more than 25 years of experience in the national TV industry, Rachmayanto Tersiawandi, and Lina Sukawati Program Director Metro TV.

On this occasion, Agung said that technological developments were so rapid, changing the landscape of the media industry, including television. The Film, Television and Indonesian Studies study program should be a place for the process of preparing human resources who are ready to enter industry regardless of current technological developments. Agung said that mental readiness and the ability to adapt to new technology are the two most important aspects that graduates of the Film, Television and Media Study Program must have.

Agung mentioned several examples of the latest media developments in the media world using virtual reality (VR), such as VR learning, Alibaba VR shopping, and Coldplay VR Concert. This development is something that cannot be rejected. "From all the developments in media technology which continues to change and renew itself, one thing remains the same, namely the demands regarding content quality," continued Agung. Passion and integrity to present quality content that must be built in the campus education area.

Firdaus Noor, as Chair of the Team for the establishment of the Film, Television and Media Studies Study Program, expressed his appreciation for the input and views that practitioners from STI have brought to this activity. "Conversations with STI brought us to a picture of the television industry which is quite different from the film industry. "As the core of this study program, both film and television must be accommodated proportionally in the curriculum so that the desired graduate competencies can be achieved," explained Firdaus.

This activity ended with the signing of a cooperation agreement (PKS) between FISIP UPN "Veteran" Jakarta and the Indonesian Television Directors Association (STI) as the first step to create close collaboration between the academic world and industry, so that the study program designed can have a positive impact. significant impact on talent development in the field of film and television. (PY)


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