“Penguatan Pengabdian Masyarakat di Daerah Terdepan, Terluar dan Tertinggal (3T) untuk mewujudkan Sustainable Development” Jadi Tema Senabdimas UPNVJ 2023

Public Relations UPNVJ - The Institute for Research and Community Service, Jakarta Veteran National Development University (LPPM UPNVJ) has the task of encouraging community service activities carried out by each lecturer. One of them is facilitating the publication of community service activities by creating a National Seminar on Community Service (SENABDIMAS) which can be attended by UPNVJ lecturers and lecturers from other universities. SENABDIMAS 2023 will be held collaboratively with Nusa Cendana University and Papua University as co-hosts and still online (on the network) using the zoom meeting platform . (6/12)

SENABDIMAS UPNVJ 2023 has the aim of being a means for universities and the academic community to fulfill the obligations of the Tridharma of Higher Education; encouraging increased community service activities (PKM); space for lecturers and researchers to interact, socialize and build intellectual networks; and a forum for publishing community service articles.

The theme of the 2023 SENABDIMAS activities is "Strengthening Community Service in Frontier, Outermost and Disadvantaged Regions (3T) to realize Sustainable Development".

Dr. Firlia Ayu Arini, Chief Executive of the UPNVJ 2023 Senabdimas said that this activity was an activity that had many benefits because there was a lot of interesting material from various resource persons present, "We presented 3 resource persons, including Pungkas Bahjuri Ali (Bappenas), Dr. Ir. Damianus Adar., M.Ec (Nusa Cendana University) and Dr. Ibnu Malkan Bakhrul Ilmi, M.Sc. We convey our deepest appreciation to all the speakers who have entrusted their papers to be disseminated in the 2023 Senabdimas. We also express our gratitude for the collaboration from the University of Nusa Cendana and the University of Papua who are cohosts of the 2023 Senabdimas. We hope that this collaboration can continue until next year. in the future," said Firli in his report

Also present was the Head of LPPM UPNVJ, Dr. Sri Lestari Wahyuningroem, "This Senabdimas is a routine LPPM UPNVJ activity and this year it has been held three times, we certainly hope that all those involved can get extraordinary benefits from this activity. We also do not forget to express our gratitude to our higher education partners who supported and participated in this activity. We also express our gratitude to the leaders of universities, institutions, faculties, study programs, other work units within UPNVJ who have provided full support. We are very grateful to the committee, led by Mrs. Dr. Firlia Ayu Arini, S.KM., M.KM. "The committee has worked hard to make this activity happen," explained Ayu proudly


Representing the Chancellor of UPNVJ, Dr. Henry Binsar, Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UPNVJ also gave a speech and expressed special thanks to the University of Papua and the University of Nusa Cendana for this extraordinary collaboration, "I particularly, on behalf of the Chancellor of UPNVJ, would like to thank you for your willingness to attend and take part in Snabdimas "This 2023, your time and presence means a lot to UPNVJ, especially to the University of Papua and Nusa Cendana University, we thank you for your cooperation and support," he concluded.

LPPM also collaborates with several external partners for the 2023 Senabdimas publication, including:

·        - Proceedings of the National Community Service Seminar

·        - Madani: Journal of Community Service

·        - Mattawang: Journal of Community Service

·        - Amalee: Indonesian Journal of Community Research and Engagement

·        - Abdimas Mahakam Journal

·        - Khidmatul Ummah Journal

·        - ASEAN Journal of Empowering Communities

·        - Lotus Devotion Journal

·        - Abdimas Community Service Journal

·        - Abdimas Indonesia Journal

·        - Wiyata Madani Community Service Journal

·        - Abdi Laksana: Journal of Community Service


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