Increasing Awareness and Concern for Global Climate Change, LPPM UPNVJ Holds JICRISD 2023 Again


Public RelationsUPNVJ - LPPM UPN "Veteran" Jakarta held an international conference: Jakarta International Conference on Research Innovation and Sustainability Development (JICRISD) 2023. On Wednesday 5 December 2023. JICRISD 2023 provides a multidisciplinary platform to gather academics, researchers and practitioners from various backgrounds behind scientific disciplines to disseminate ongoing research on environmental impacts on human health, including climate change and natural disasters. This conference is not only a global forum for sharing and exchanging ideas, research and work. But it also provides a wider research network and ecosystem for further collaborations and projects.


In his speech, Dr. Sri Lestari Wahyunngroem said that this year's JICRISD 2023 chose the theme " Addressing the Environmental Impact on Human Health: Climate Change and Natural Disaster ". This topic was chosen based on our awareness and concern for global climate change which we can feel in our daily lives. In many places climate change has been accompanied by natural disasters and has had an impact in many ways. which can be felt in everyday life and the biggest impact is on human health. So this year's conference is part of our initiative to form a center for disaster and health studies at UPNVJ.

In JICRISD 2023, leading and credible keynote speakers in the fields of Disaster and Climate Change and Human Health were presented. Prof. Basuki Supartono, SpOT, FICS from UPN "Veteran" Jakarta presented material related to The Role of Exemplary Leadership in Addressing the Health Impacts of Climate Change and Disasters , Prof. Don Eliseo Lucero Prisno III (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK) with material Natural Disasters: A Global Health Perspective , and Associate Professor Phuong Pham (Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, USA) with material Creating future leaders and Managing Crisis .


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