Prof. Dr. Efrizal Syofyan Assessor LAMEMBA: There are 9 criteria that we assess in accreditation

Public Relations UPNVJ - The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) received a field assessment conducted by an assessor from the Independent Accreditation Institute for Economics, Business Management and Accounting (LAMEMBA), namely Prof. Dr. Efrizal Syofyan, SE, M.Si and Dr. Fauzan Misra. M.Sc, Ak, CA, BKP.

on the occasion Prof. Efrizal said there were 9 assessment criteria carried out in the accreditation process for the Master of Accountancy study program.

"We will assess as many as 9 criteria which we assess, including the vision and mission and their implementation, governance, civil service, student affairs, human resources (lecturers), educational staff, finance, facilities and infrastructure, curriculum, and research and community service. "Already with complete results regarding the Tridharma that has been implemented," explained Prof. Efrizal on his occasion, on Tuesday (20/02/24).

He also said that accreditation is the state's duty to ensure whether the study program has been managed correctly or not by ensuring these 9 criteria.

"So starting from planning, implementation, evaluation, and determining the root of the problem when there is a problem to follow-up and the results. "So at accreditation at LAMEMBA we are not only looking for results, we also look at the process and its usefulness," he added.

According to him, other benefits from the accreditation carried out can be very useful for public recognition.

"So with this accreditation, the state has provided a guarantee that this study program has been managed well so that the public will feel confident enough to entrust their children to become students in an accredited study program," said Prof. Efrizal.

He also gave several keys to the success of the accreditation team, including team work , preparing documents in advance, which can even be done after the accreditation is complete.

"So the hope is that after we have finished carrying out the accreditation, the deans and their staff will have prepared the next reaccreditation document. So success lies in cooperation and the readiness of the documents to be used. "Because there are several documents that cannot be prepared easily, the key to success is planning from the start," he explained.


In line with Prof. Efrizal, Dr. Fauzan also said that the accreditation activity was a marathon activity amidst the lecturers' busy schedule in teaching, prioritizing the ability to manage collaboration between teams as the main factor for success because everyone had to realize that quality was very important.

On this occasion, Prof. Efrizal also explained the main factors in getting superior accreditation in a study program, one of which is that the majority of undergraduate teaching lecturers have doctoral degrees, for master's teachers all of them have to be doctoral degrees, and 60% of teaching lecturers with academic positions are already associate professors.

Apart from that, you must have international publications, more than 1% of study program students have articles presented at international seminars, and citations from lecturer publications are at least 10 citations per lecturer in a year.

A brief assessment is also given during the accreditation process.

"After I've been here for two days, the governance is already good, our suggestion is to increase achievements at the international level and develop lecturers to get international competency certification," he added.


Prof. Prasetyo, Deputy Chancellor for General Affairs and Finance, took the opportunity to give encouragement to the FEB UPNVJ accreditation team.

"Continue to be enthusiastic about advancing the Master of Accounting study program and others and be able to follow up on input from assessors which can be used as material for the future to become even better. "My hope is that we have received many facilities and human resources who have doctoral degrees, but hopefully those who have not yet received this degree will have their enthusiasm boosted and we will also support them to continue their education and increase their competency certification both nationally and internationally," he concluded.


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