Master of Accounting Accreditation, FEB Receives Visit from LAMEMBA Assessor

Public Relations UPNVJ - Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University (UPNVJ) received a visit from the assessor team from the Independent Accreditation Institute for Economics, Business Management and Accounting (LAMEMBA), on Monday (19/02/24).

The visit was received directly by Dr. Anter Venus, Chancellor of UPNVJ and Dr. Jubaedah, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) and his staff.

"Finally, after months of preparation, today we have received a field visit, as our responsibility for having prepared the form. "Our enthusiasm is to continue to carry out transformation in all aspects that we continue to monitor," said Venus in her speech.

On another occasion, Jubaedah also said that this activity was the first accreditation implementation for a master of accounting.

"Alhamdulillah, it has been running well and smoothly for the past two days. Hopefully the results obtained are in line with our expectations," explained Jubaedah on his occasion.

Jubaedah also said that accreditation is an important step to ensure the quality and excellence of the education that FEB UPNVJ offers to students.


"This must definitely meet the standards set by the LAMEMBA accreditation body," he said

LAMEMBA is an institution tasked with carrying out the Accreditation process for Study Programs in Economics, Management, Business and Accounting, initiated by the Indonesian Economics Scholars Association (ISEI), the Indonesian Accountants Association (IAI), and the Association of Indonesian Economics and Business Faculties (AFEBI )

"LAMEMBA is also an accreditation body that focuses on international accreditation specifically for economics and business faculties, so in Indonesia itself only a few FEB faculties in Indonesia are accredited by LAMEMBA, including UGM, UI, ITB and Binus," he added.

“We have a high commitment to continuing to improve the quality of education and to provide the best learning experience for students. "We believe that the accreditation process is very valuable for both faculties and universities in efforts to develop study programs as a whole," said Jubaedah.


On this occasion, Jubaedah also expressed his gratitude to the entire accreditation team who had worked hard to implement this accreditation. Apart from that, he expressed his thanks to the entire academic community from FEB.

"Thank you to the entire accreditation team, FEB academic community and also related stakeholders because we always strive to continue to improve the quality of education as our responsibility to society," he added.


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