UPNVJ Chancellor Attends Opening Ceremony for PMM 4 Students and International Students from Kazakhstan & Malaysia

Public Relations UPNVJ - The Independent Student Exchange Program (PMM) is a student exchange program from various universities in coordination with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) which is carried out domestically for 1 (one) semester from universities in one island cluster to universities in other island clusters and are oriented towards providing experiences of diversity through participation in various activities related to the Nusantara Module activities to foster the spirit of Indonesian unity and nationalism. Not only PMM, but UPN "Veteran" Jakarta also has an international student ( inbound) program and this time received study visits from Kazakh students from Ablai Khan University, Kazakhstan and Universiti Pahang, Malaysia.


The Opening Ceremony process for PMM batch 4 and International Students was attended directly by Anter Venus, Chancellor of UPNVJ. (20/2)

In her speech, Venus explained that learning activities at UPNVJ would be more or less the same as the home campus, but specifically for overseas students they would be adapted to English, "We are very happy with the presence of students from various campuses in Indonesia, there are differences This year, our welcome will use the uniqueness of the tribe in the capital city, namely the Betawi tribe. We held a soft opening first in the main campus lobby , which was enlivened by Palang Pintu, rhyme wars and traditional Betawi food. "For inbound students, we need to convey that learning activities at UPNVJ will be more or less the same as the home campus, but specifically for overseas students they will be adapted to English," explained Venus.


Learning for the PMM class 4 program began on February 12, after the start of the Even Semester academic calendar, attended by 48 PMM 4 and 14 International Student Exchange Students. Not only inbound students, but we also released 2 PMM Outbound UPNVJ students. "PMM 4 came from 29 universities throughout Indonesia, International Student Exchange came from 2 universities, namely the Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages and 4 people from Pahang Universiti, Malaysia," added Venus in her welcoming speech.

Venus hopes that inbound students can attend lectures comfortably, safely and happily on the UPNVJ campus.

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