University of Veteran Football Club (UVFC)


Football Club is one of student activity units in UPN “Veteran” Jakarta. It was founded before the 80s and was legalized on February 17th 1980. This student activity unit aims to embrace and unite UPNVJ students through a platform for showcasing their talents and hobbies in sport, specifically football. Besides that, this student activity unit also has specific goals: to nurture leadership spirit in an organization, to have good rhetoric, to learn how a bureaucracy works in student activity units, and to train cohesiveness/teamwork as well as to nurture loyalty and solidarity. In accordance with the goals, Football Club of UPNVJ participates in several competitions, such as the ASMAJA League competition organized by the Jakarta Student Association. Usually this league is held annually and UPNVJ always participated in this league. In addition, Football Club of UPNVJ also often participates in several futsal competitions at both regional and university levels as well as competitions held by other universities.


  • Train football routinely
  • Train futsal routinely
  • Participate in ASMAJA League
  • Participate in Futsal Competition UFVC Cup
  • Sparring match


  • Period of 2006    : Sadad
  • Period of 2007    : Ranny Kusumawardhani
  • Period of 2008    : M Eko
  • Period of 2009    : Dwi Agung
  • Period of 2010    : Agung Budi W
  • Period of 2011    : Rieka Ayu Pradhita A
  • Period of 2012    : Agus Ahmad
  • Period of 2013    : Billie Afriandi
  • Period of 2014    : Fikri Rahman Hakim
  • Period of 2015    : Yudha Prawira

This student activity unit is managed by executive board which changes annually. Based on the Football club's rules, members who have attended the basic training stages will become permanent members of the Football club. On the other hand, for members who are already in the last stage, namely in the advanced training, these members are eligible to become executive board and engage in the management of the Football club.

Organizational Structure
Executive Board :

  • Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Coordinator : Field Coordinator, Public Relations, Household/Internal, Human Resources.                                                                    


  1. 2nd place of student level competition  - DKI Jakarta (2009)
  2. 2nd place of students competition (Binus Cup) (2009)
  3. 1st place of student level competition – DKI Jakarta (2011)
  4. 2nd place of UIN Jakarta FISIP Days futsal competition (2013)
  5. 1st place of Indonesia Banking School futsal competition (2014)
  6. 1st place and 2nd place of Jabodetangsel football association in futsal competition (2015)
  7. Maintaining position in main division in the ASMAJA League.

SECRETARIAT    : Jl. RS. Fatmawati – pondok Labu Jakarta Selatan 12450 Dewi Sartika Building (Faculty of Computer Science) 1st floor.

1.  Sparring Match


2.  Sparring Match with UPNVJ's Alumni


3.    Futsal Competition of UVFC CUP 2015


4.   Training Center for New Members


5.    Jakarta Student League


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