Scientific Essay by Royal Eden, Faculty of Medicine UPNVJ Students, Made It 1st Place in the SRF Competition

HumasUPNVJ – As if never tired of being an active and outstanding student, Royal Eden More Silaban Class of 2020 FK UPNVJ participated in an annual national-scale scientific event organized by the Faculty of Medicine, University of North Sumatra (FK USU), Medan.

SRF (SCRIPTA RESEARCH FESTIVAL)–the name of the activity–USU's FK was held for four full days from January 26 to 29 2023. This activity was held face to face at USU's FK.

In the event with the big theme " A New Strategy to Expand Knowledge and Innovation in Infectious Disease Prevention, Surveillance, and Control ", Royal as the only delegate from UPNVJ won 1st place in the Scientific Essay branch after defeating various other delegates from FK Unair, FK UI, FK Unand, FK UIN Jakarta, FK UNS, FK UII, and other FKs.


Royal proudly and confidently presented his work entitled "Innovation of Tuberculosis Spondylitis Therapy Using Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells (UC-MSCs) Mediated Injectable Bone Substitute (IBS) Made from Natural Ingredients from Indonesia's Natural Resources Through a Simple Electrohydrodynamic Process Loaded with Antibiotic Drugs" in front of three judges namely dr. Yunilda Andriyani, MKT, Sp.ParK, Ph.D., Dr. dr. Rina Amelia Sp.KKL., and dr. Tetty Aman Nasution, M.Med.Sc.

Behind the creation of quality, objective, and accountable writing, there is the role of the supervisor who always directs Royal starting from conducting research to compiling the research results. The supervisor is known to be dr. Marlina Dewiastuti, Sp. PD, M. Kes.

As a guide, of course dr. Marlina was also proud and gave her greatest appreciation to her students. For him, this achievement is the result of Royal's hard work and perseverance in the competition he participated in. "I am proud of Royal because in the midst of his busy studies as the main task of a student, Royal is still able to contribute many achievements to the university. I hope that on another occasion Royal can achieve more achievements even at the international level.” said dr. Marlina when asked for her response regarding this happy news.

With the myriad of achievements he has pocketed, Royal Eden has become one of the outstanding students at UPNVJ and has even been able to motivate other students to follow in his footsteps.



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