UKM Gita Advayatva Participates in the Competition in Bangkok: We Ask for Prayer and Support to Win a Gold Medal

HumasUPNVJ – This morning, the Chancellor of UPN "Veteran" Jakarta (UPNVJ), Dr. Anter Venus, Ma., Comm together with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Cooperation, Dr. dr. Ria Maria Theresa, Sp.KJ, gathered with the UPNVJ Choir Team, Gita Advayatva in Nusantara Room 2 UPNVJ (31/07). This meeting was also a moment to release the Gita Advayatva team to take part in a choir competition in Bangkok, Thailand, which was held at Chulalongkorn University to be more precise.

In 2019, the Gita Advayatva Team took part in an international choir competition in Singapore. Unfortunately, Gita Advayatva's participation had to be temporarily halted due to Covid-19 which has infected almost the entire world. This year, Gita Advayatva again demonstrated his ability to compete in an international competition called the 10th a Voyage of Songs Competition 2023.

Based on a report from the representative of the Gita Advayatva team, Theresa Damara, they will struggle in the competition which will be held on August 2. Gita Advayatva enrolled in two competition categories, namely Mixed Voice and Sacred Musics.



Through Theresa, Gita Advayatma asks for prayers and support from the university so they can bring home a gold medal which is their target in this prestigious event. "On behalf of my friends, I would like to ask for support and prayers so that we can achieve the target, which is a gold medal with a score of 85 and God willing, if allowed, we can advance to the grand finale ." Said Theresa.

Gita Advayatva's extraordinary efforts and determination were certainly responded positively by the university. Anther Venus thinks that the best results will only be obtained with good effort. He believes that Gita Advayatva has made the best possible preparations since long ago so that the chances of achieving the target are of course great.

"Today I'm letting you all go with optimism and of course with prayers so that everything goes well then you all come back healthy and bring the results we dream of and hope for." Said Venus in her speech before leaving the Gita Advayatva team.


In a short interview conducted by the UPNVJ Public Relations Team, Venus reminded that Gita Advayatva's team went to Bangkok bringing the name of the nation and state as well as the name of the alma mater. Therefore Venus advised to always show good behavior, respect all procedures, rules and regulations of competition, as well as the spirit to fight in achieving this achievement.

There were a total of 41 people who departed and participated in this event with details of 37 singers, 1 conductor, 2 officials and 1 coach. They are rumored to be returning to Indonesia on August 5, 2023.

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