Inauguration Ceremony and Taking the Hippocratic Oath from Young Doctors for 60th Period (Academic Year of 2019/2020) by Senate of Faculty of Medicine, UPNVJ

Public Relations Team - Faculty of Medicine UPNVJ held a "Senate Open Session of the Faculty of Medicine’s Inauguration and Oath-Taking from Young Doctors for 60th Period, Academic Year 2019/2020 Faculty of Medicine UPN Veteran Jakarta". The implementation was slightly different from the previous open session, it is because the Covid-19 pandemic, The Faculty of Medicine held inaugurations and oath-taking for young doctors by virtual or online at their respective homes. Wednesday. (07/29/2020)

In his speech, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Dr. dr. Prijo Sidipratomo, Sp.Rad (K)., MH conveyed a message to be more aware related to the health issues of young doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic and also to be more cautious, as a new part of a medical workers, where you, as a doctor should treat your patients precisely. He also noted to all new young doctors to keep all of the oath that had taken as a process of pursuing career as a doctor.

Number of Students who followed the Inauguration and Oath-Taking of Young Doctors for the 60th Period of Academic Year 2019/2020,Faculty of Medicine of UPN Veteran Jakarta was 78 people. The event was guided by Ulfa Sahara S.E as Master of Ceremony.

A total of 78 students whose got young doctors degree was given from the Head Of The Undergraduate Medical Study Program, dr. Niniek Hardini, SpPA to the Head Of The Doctoral Professional Study Program, dr. Luh Eka Purwani, MKes, SpGK, which they will continue to the Medical Profession Degree.

Closed with prayer led by Anas Gilang Pratama.


To see the complete procession, please click this link:

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