Work Culture and Values

According UPN “Veteran” Jakarta’s Rector Decree Number: KEP/050.1/UN61/2018 dated 19 January 2018 regarding PIKIR workethics as fundamental values in UPN “Veteran” Jakarta environment. 



The Definition of PIKIR Work Culture and Values

PIKIR stands for PROFESIONAL (PROFESSIONAL), INTEGRITAS (INTEGRITY), KEJUANGAN (PATRIOTIC), INOVATIF (INOVATIVE), AND RESPONSIF (RESPONSIVE). These five fundamental values are the workethics in the UPNVJ environment and implemented into these following actions:

PROFESIONAL/PROFESSIONAL is shown by following the standard operational procedures (SOP) as the guide to plan and implement tasks. This also means to always improving the competency due to the development of technology and profession, and it is followed by several actions like, being objective, passionate and giving the best, unsentimental, be on time, and dicipline. As well as achieving the targets that have been set and responsible for the resources and the assets that used.

INTEGRITAS/INGETRITY is implemented through consistency between norms, value system, responsibility, and financial procedures. The value of integrity also appears in the expression, thoughts, and conscience.

KEJUANGAN/PATRIOTIC unfold that work is not always about earning a salary for the living, it’s more than that, it’s about the passion to do the very best, it’s about to set a high priority of national interest, it’s about willingness to sacrafice, it’s about being persistent, it’s about a desire to never give up, it’s about being tenacious, it’s about patriotic, and indeed it’s about care for one and another.

INOVATIF/INNOVATIVE means to improve what already exists and rediscover the possibility to create a better works progressively, being open towards new experiences and knowledge, being creative and flexible, dare to take risks, and always expand the imaginations and alternative ideas in every work.

RESPONSIF/RESPONSIVE is a workethic that implemented through the sense of proactive, cooperative, critical, supportive, responsive, seize every opportunities and challenges, as well as devote a well serve to the party and stake holders in the work.

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