Vision And Mission


Towards a University with legal entity, inovative, and competitive with the identity of Bela Negara in 2025.


a.    Improving the quality of the human resource and build a visionary leader which capable to produce competitive alumnus
b.    Implementing transparent and accountable management system in formulating mid and longterm strategic action plan
c.    Preparing facillities and infrastructures with an adequate budget
d.    Actualizing organizational and quality practices by implementing a credible audit system and risk management; dan 
e.    Performing the university tridharma by utilizing the information and communication technologies..


  1. To improve the human resouce quality including the lecturers and educational staffs.
  2. To create a missionary leader and leadership.
  3. To produce competitive students and graduates in the national, regional and international level.
  4. To establish mid and longterm strategic action plan that is formulated by a transparent and accountable management.
  5. To improve the facilities and infrastructures also budgeting through the APBN, grant, partnership and other sources that can be accounted for.
  6. To realize the Organization culture through drafting set of rules and standardization, socialization , implementation ,evaluation as well as controlling.
  7. To actualize the quality culture by the implementation of audit system and credible risk management through academic audit and non-academic.
  8. To implement the Higher Education’s Tridharma based on the national higher education standard by utilizing communicaton and information technology.


  1. To become a centre to develop higher education with the “Bela Negara” identity in the national and international level through pure and applied scientific research activities.
  2. To build the university branding through global networking for global partnership.
  3. To become an advance centre of academic activities that is based on “Bela Negara” (academic exellence) in national and international standard.
  4. To become An Excellence Research Centre alongside with the development of science and technology which oriented to community development
  5. To have human resources quality through performance-based management.
  6. To have an integrative quality management asset; effective and efficent through the resource sharing, environment-oriented, and sustainable policies.
  7. To increase Intitution capacity in management.
  8. Financially independent with an accountable and transparant, effective and efficient management based on the in force standards.





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