UPNVJ Closes Special Education Agenda for the Advocate Profession


Public Relations UPNVJ - Previously, the Jakarta Veterans National Development University (UPNVJ) collaborated with Peradi West Jakarta and the DPP of the Indonesian Advocates Association (IKADIN) Batch IV to hold Special Education for the Advocate Profession (PKPA).

To close the final class, Batch IV received various final briefings from experts located at the DPC Peradi Secretariat, West Jakarta, on Sunday (09/06/24).

"Thank God, everything can go well and according to plan. Hopefully the knowledge provided can be useful," said Chairman Suhendra Asido, as Chairman of the West Jakarta Peradi DPC.

On this special occasion, many experts were present at the Closing Ceremony of the PKPA class IV DPC Peradi West Jakarta, including the Daily Chair of the DPP IKADIN and also the Chair of the DPC Peradi West Jakarta, Dr. Suhendra Asido Hutabarat, SH, SE, MM, MH and Head of PKPA, Certification and Collaboration at DPN PERADI University.

Not only that, Dr. Ir. Firmanto Laksana Pangaribuan, SH, MM, MH and Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation UPNVJ and Dr. Slamet Tri Wahyudi, SH, MH also Chair of the PKPA Committee: Genesius Anugerah, SH was also present on the agenda.

Suhendra reminded those who can guarantee whether or not they pass the DPN Peradi Advocate Professional Examination (UPA) under the General Chairperson (Ketum) Prof. Otto Hasibuan is the ability of the prospective advocate himself.

"We maintain the quality of PKPA implementation to produce reliable, professional and integrity advocates in accordance with the orders of the Law on Advocates Number 18 of 2003. Because we are in contact with people seeking justice. "Don't let the services we provide not help but harm," he said directly.

Suhendra also said that his party was making efforts to present the best presenters.
"This is our moral responsibility so that our friends don't take the wrong place at PKPA," explained Suhendra.

In line with this, the Head of the PKPA, Certification and Collaboration Division of DPN Peradi University, Firmanto Laksana Pangaribuan, said that educating and producing quality, reliable and integrity prospective advocates is a mandate of the Law on Advocates which is only given to Peradi.

“We have to obey the law that the Law on Advocates has mandated to Peradi. "Peradi has also been challenged several times at the Constitutional Court and it has been proven that the appointed Peradi carries out 8 authorities in accordance with the Law on Advocates," he said.

Firman further said that as many as 132 thousand participants had taken part in the PKPA held by Peradi since this single bar organization was founded.

"I hope that future advocate candidates will continue to promote the single bar as mandated by the Law on Advocates. conveyed on various occasions, it has also been researched that only a single bar can ensure that justice seekers receive the best treatment," said Firman, who is in charge of closing the PKPA on behalf of Prof. Otto Hasibuan.

Dr. Slamet, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation at the UPNVJ Faculty of Law, advised PKPA participants to strengthen their intentions if they want to become advocates.

"Be assured this is the best way. So he set his intentions, his heart, and remained enthusiastic on the path of the officium nobile. "This is a noble profession so it must be well-intentioned," he said.

Chairperson of PKPA Class IV DPC Peradi West Jakarta UPNVJ Alumni, Ardelia Safara Raisa or familiarly known as Safa, said that the material presented in PKPA was very comprehensive and relevant to practical needs in the field.

"Moreover, building relationships after training so that friendship can be maintained and we can become colleagues. The lecturers presented are academics and practitioners who are extraordinarily experienced so they can provide in-depth insight to us who are prospective advocates," said Shafa, Chair of Batch IV PKPA.

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