Proud to pass UTBK-SNBT 2024 at UPNVJ like a dream come true

Public Relations UPNVJ - The 2024 Computer Based Written Examination - National Selection Based on Achievement (UTBK-SNBT) 2024 New Student Admission Process has entered the announcement stage since yesterday, Thursday 13 June 2024.

A total of 2214 UPNVJ new student candidates were declared to have passed the 2024 UTBK-SNBT. After being declared successful in passing the 2024 UTBK-SNBT at the UPN "Veteran" Jakarta state defense campus, there are several provisions that all students must follow, one of which is that they are required to take a Health Test located at UPNVJ Limo campus, Merce Building, Faculty of Medicine.

This health test focuses on urine examination by checking 6 parameters, including Amphetamine (AMP), Morphine/Opiate (MOP), Marijuana (THC), Coccaine (COC), Methamphetamine (MET), and Benzodiazepine (BZD). This examination aims to detect the presence of narcotics and dangerous drugs/substances in the urine for all students and a color blindness test for students accepted at the Faculty of Medicine.

UPNVJ Public Relations had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Anindya Shafira Putri, from SMAN 2 Cibinong. “I am very happy and happy to have passed UTBK-SNBT 2024, especially at the Faculty of Medicine. This could be said to be my dream which thank God has come true. Coincidentally, my parents are also both doctors, so they are even more proud of me," said Anindya

During the health test, Anindya felt helped by all the officers on duty, "The flow was very orderly, starting from taking registration numbers, checking files, data and urine tests, everything was very orderly and controlled, especially with the assistance of the officers on duty," he continued.

"My hope is that in the future my studies at UPNVJ will go smoothly, so that I can continue my education as a specialist doctor and make my family even more proud of me, who is also the first child," concluded this 17 year old girl with great hope.

The Health Test will be carried out for two days, starting from today, Friday 14 June 2024 until tomorrow, Saturday 15 June 2024 (08:00 WIB - 16:00 WIB)

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