Grateful that he passed SNBT, Fadjar Malik took the health test at UPNVJ


Public Relations UPNVJ - Fadjar Malik Fadhilah admitted that he was very happy when he was declared to have passed the Test-Based National Selection Pathway (SNBT) for the Information Systems study program at the Faculty of Computer Science, Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University (UPNVJ).

The 16 year old teenager was also invited by UPNVJ to take part in the next stage.

A graduate of SMA Negeri 70 Jakarta, Fadjar came to the UPNVJ Limo Campus for the purpose of carrying out a health test as a mandatory requirement for the re-registration process for prospective new students.

“The test flow that I took was quite easy to follow. "The officers are friendly and all explanations can be understood," said Fadjar when met after a medical test at the Merce Building, Faculty of Medicine, Limo Depok Campus on Saturday, June 15 2024.

For Fadjar, graduating on the SNBT route is an extraordinary joy in the phase of student life. He also admitted that he was happy to be able to make his parents proud.

“I am very happy to have passed the SNBT route. Both parents were also very grateful for the results I received. "Hopefully I can go through my studies well and graduate with the best results," he hoped.

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